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     Welcome to my Heart's a flutter blog.  I am so excited to start taking pictures of life's greatest treasures once again. I Stopped doing my photography about 3 years ago due to a job that I had just happened to stumble upon in the sewing industry.  I enjoyed working for Viking but I had inherited a store that was not doing so well at the time that they had hired a new company president.  I worked for 2 years and about 6 months of being there I made Manager.  I had so much fun learning all the different sewing machines and meeting all kinds of new faces.  However exactly a year ago I was laid off due to my store closing down.  It was a blessing but at the time I didn't know.  I spent this last year reconnecting with my best friends and my family through good times and bad.  Life has finally settled down for me and I have realized I am missing my passion in photography.  I didn't know how much I missed it until I had told a friend I would do her son's senior pictures.  After that session I realized how much I have missed interacting with my clientele and taking pictures of life's blessings.   I look forward to being adventurous again I can't wait to hike with my husband or off road with my kids and yes I will have my Camera everywhere I go.  I am looking forward to seeing old clientele and meeting new clientele also. What am I saying! Clientele I mean friends.  Everyone I come across and meet has a special place in my heart and we become friends.  I hope you enjoy keeping up with me and with my adventures through this blog.  I can't Say it will always be peaches and cream but I can say I am a real person.  I hope you will find comfort in reading my weekly posts and maybe even being apart of them in the future.

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